Health insurance plans changing at Purdue

Jul 15, 2013

Purdue is moving forward with new health plans for next year. The Audit and Insurance Committee of the board of trustees gave the proposal initial approval, which is designed to save money, but offer the same level of care.

The new plans are a traditional PPO and two high-deductible plans with a health savings account.

Benefits Manager Eva Nodine says the biggest change is the elimination of the Co-Pay option. She says those on that plan now will be able to save money by moving to one of the high-deductible plans.

Nodine says the university is making the changes now, to give employees roughly four months before they have to make enrollment decisions.

Human Resources is holding several information sessions, as well as rolling out a website tool that will show what the different options are for employees.

The full board of trustees is set to vote on the changes Friday.