Hill Says He Won't Resign, Calls For 'Fair And Thorough' Investigation

Jul 6, 2018

Attorney General Curtis Hill says he won’t resign after the governor and other GOP leaders called on him to step down. Instead, Hill wants a new investigation into allegations he groped four women earlier this year.

He calls the allegations “vicious and false,” and says legislative leaders’ inquiry into his conduct is a “travesty.”

The Republican official says he wants the Marion County Prosecutor’s office to conduct its own investigation, which he says will exonerate him.

Indiana Inspector General Lori Torres announced Friday she will open an investigation into the allegations at the request of the governor and legislative leaders. But Hill says because Torres was appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb – who Hill says already determined the investigation’s outcome – the inspector general’s inquiry won’t be fair and independent.

"I now stand falsely accused of some of the same crimes I spent 28 years prosecuting," Hill said in a statement. "Yet without a thorough investigation – without the right to face my accusers and review the evidence against me – I am convicted by public officials demanding my resignation."

The General Assembly can impeach Hill to remove him from office – a Democratic lawmaker, Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis), says he’s exploring that possibility.