Holcomb Orders Action On Erosion Along Lake Michigan

Feb 21, 2020

Gov. Eric Holcomb issued an executive order on Thursday to help cities along Lake Michigan experiencing erosion. Among other things, it directs the state to speed up approvals for projects that protect homes and infrastructure and determine whether Indiana can declare an emergency to receive federal dollars. 

Four Indiana communities along Lake Michigan have already made emergency declarations. That includes Sen. Karen Tallian’s (D-Ogden Dunes) constituents. She says she hopes the state will move quickly to secure federal funding and protect Indiana residents on the lake.

“You know the way that the storms are on the lake. I mean, anything can happen and we've got people in dire need right now,” Tallian says.

Last year, a legislative committee recommended the state help pay for an Army Corps of Engineers study to look into solutions to the erosion issue. But those funds were cut out of the final budget.

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