Holcomb Says He's Running On Pence's Policy, But Specifics Are Still Few

Sep 21, 2016

Credit Courtesy Governor Mike Pence

Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb unveiled the first policy proposals of his campaign, including economic development, infrastructure and energy initiatives.

The proposals were short on the specifics of funding:

Many of Lieutenant Governor Holcomb’s proposals are the continuation of initiatives begun by Gov. Mike Pence.

This includes a $1 billion entrepreneurship plan, a new port, a new bridge over the Ohio River, and growing the Regional Cities program.

Since many of the proposals are continuations of Pence initiatives, Holcomb was asked what of the rollout was an “Eric Holcomb” idea. He notes he’s been a longtime advocate for many of the proposals, including completing I-69.

“But all of this is my plan. Some of this may have been started on my predecessor or on? his predecessor’s watch.”

The cost for his proposals will likely be in the billions of dollars. Asked how he will pay for all of it, Holcomb was less specific:

“Some of it will be going to the private sector – there is a huge appetite for these type projects.”

And when pressed about specific state funding sources, Holcomb pointed to the gubernatorial campaign of his former boss Mitch Daniels.

“We didn’t have all the answers on how to pay for it. But what we said is, ‘We are going to build I-69.’ And we’ve built over half of it already. And we will complete I-69, so yes I think it’s fair to say ‘These are my goals; now let’s go get them done.’”

Democrats criticize Holcomb for continuing Pence's policies – which they say include an agenda of discrimination against the LGBT community.