Holcomb Signs Controversial Abortion Reporting Bill

Mar 25, 2018

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the remaining legislation from the 2018 session Sunday. That includes a measure that creates new abortion reporting requirements for all Indiana doctors and hospitals.

The bill creates a long list of abortion complications – everything from blood clots and cardiac arrest to depression and anxiety. And it says any doctor or hospital – not just those that perform abortions – must report those complications to the state, along with detailed information about the woman, excluding her name.

Proponents of the bill argue it helps the state get a better picture of whether abortion is safe.

But opponents argue the measure seeks to further stigmatize abortion, which has a lower complication rate than many other standard procedures.

And many doctors – including the Indiana Association of Family Physicians – object to what they see as onerous reporting requirements.

In a statement, Holcomb said, “This bill does what 27 other states have done to gather information on these procedures without restricting access to them.”

This is the sixth anti-abortion measure approved since 2011. Most of those were struck down at least in part by federal courts.