Holcomb Still Avoids Specifics On Health Care Reform Impact

Jul 27, 2017

Gov. Eric Holcomb continues to avoid specifics when it comes to the impact federal health care reform could have on the state.

Holcomb sent a “Letter to Hoosiers” Monday to outline what he wants from federal health care reform. That includes greater state control over the issue. But he declined to share specific data on how federal health care legislation debated in the Senate would affect Indiana.

And when pressed again Thursday, Holcomb said the Senate bill was too much of a moving target to provide specific data.

“We’re in a very strong, good position to take care of Hoosiers and that is my single focus in this whole discussion,” Holcomb says.

Holcomb was asked if he would consider a tax increase to help ensure the state’s health care program, HIP 2.0, remains intact.

“I’m willing to entertain all sorts of decisions that will be difficult to make that will make sure that we’re able to continue taking care of Hoosiers in need,” he says.

Holcomb says that he and other governors have urged federal officials to give them flexibility to administer health care programs.