Holcomb Wants Medicaid Expansion Continued

Mar 13, 2017

Governor Eric Holcomb says he wants to see Indiana’s Medicaid expansion protected as federal lawmakers debate health care reform.

Indiana uses Medicaid expansion dollars available through Obamacare to pay for HIP 2.0, its health care program for low-income Hoosiers. The proposed health care reform bill advanced by Congressional Republicans would put that funding in jeopardy in the next few years.

Governor Holcomb says he’s been talking to members of Congress and the Trump administration, advocating the need to continue HIP 2.0.

“I’ve expressed to them – and will continue to – that I’ve not seen a more successful program,” Holcomb says.

Holcomb notes he supports reform of the federal health care law – and understands the need to reduce federal debt – but says he wants to see Medicaid expansion protected.

“I want to make sure that we’re compassionate and that we cover the Hoosiers that we are right now,” Holcomb says.

More than 400,000 Hoosiers are currently enrolled in HIP 2.0.