Honor Flight set for take-off April 16

Apr 9, 2012

A local organization is sending World War Two veterans from greater Lafayette to the nation’s capital.

Lafayette’s Gold Star Mothers charity is preparing for its first Honor Flight, which will take 81 veterans to see the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. The one-day trip takes off from the Purdue Airport on April 16.

Secretary Treasurer Pam Mow says the veterans who participate are each given a partner.

"Guardians, is what they call them. And they're just people that are going to be their buddy for the day. Some of them are family members and some of them are people they don't even know."

She says the Honor Flight is getting a positive response from veterans and guardians alike. Mow says the flight is made possible by donations from the community.

"I think it gives people a good feeling to think that they've done something really nice for these veterans. You know, it just kind of hits a good spot in people's hearts when they make a donation."

The trip includes a chartered flight, buses, and meals in D.C. at a total cost of around $65,000. A second Honor Flight is planned for September, and 20 veterans have already signed up.

More information and how to donate to future Honor Flights is HERE.