Hoosier Nonprofits Concerned About Proposed SNAP Cuts

Apr 16, 2018

The first look at cuts that could be coming to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, have some Hoosiers worried.  

The House Farm Bill would change eligibility and work requirements for the food assistance program. 

The SNAP Works for Hoosiers campaign includes Feeding Indiana’s Hungry. Executive director Emily Weikert Bryant says the changes would have a negative impact. 

"It makes severe cuts to the SNAP program through some burdensome and unnecessary work time limits and restrictions on eligibility that will lengthen the lines at our pantries, food kitchens and other sites that serve hungry people," says Weikert Bryant. 

The group urges Indiana congressional delegation members to reject the proposal.

Weikert Bryant says one change requires participants work or train for 20 hours a week, but shortens the time to comply to one month before they stop receiving benefits. 

"Punishing workers for being unemployed or underemployed by taking away their food assistance won’t help them find a better job, or find a job faster," says Weikert Bryant. 

Weikert Bryant says SNAP helps one in 10 Hoosiers.