Hoosier Politicians, Health Professionals At Odds On ACA Ruling

Jun 25, 2015

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that 160, 000 Hoosiers could lose their healthcare subsidies if the Supreme Court rejected the ACA.
Credit Alex E. Proimos / https://www.flickr.com/photos/proimos/

Tens of thousands of Hoosiers can breathe a sigh of relief – the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday ruled they’ll get to keep their federal health insurance subsidies.  

About 160, 000 Hoosiers receive tax subsidies through the federal health care exchange, reducing the cost of their insurance by an average of $320 a month.  The Supreme Court’s ruling ensures they’ll continue to receive those subsidies, something Covering Kids and Families of Indiana spokesperson Caitlin Priest says is a huge relief to the families her organization serves.

“They’re going to be able to continue seeing their doctor and continue getting their health care needs met and not have to be worrying about health care or economic catastrophes," Priest says.

Insurance companies and hospitals are also celebrating the ruling…but many Republican politicians are not.  In a statement, Indiana Senator Dan Coats expressed deep disappointment that millions will be forced to remain under, in his words, a “poorly-written and poorly-executed law” that he says doesn’t work for most Hoosiers. 

Governor Mike Pence shares Coats’ disappointment, lamenting what he calls “judicial activism” that upholds the law to the detriment of millions of Hoosiers.  Both Pence and Coats say it will take new leadership in Washington to repeal the Affordable Care Act.