IN House Democrats seek statewide hearings on right to work legislation

Jan 4, 2012

Indiana Democrats failed to show for the House of Representatives session that was called at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Republicans were in attendance, but Democrats were in caucus on the third floor of the statehouse, which began around noon.

House Democratic leader Pat Bauer said at a press conference Democrats will not attend session until they have assurances that right to work legislation will not be “railroaded” through the legislature. Bauer says the public needs time to give their input and to be educated on the issue.

At a separate press conference, Bosma said he is frustrated and wants the Democrats to show up and do their jobs.

AFL-CIO President Nancy Guyott, who is a registered lobbyist, was in the caucus with the Democrats. Bosma said he was “shocked” that a registered lobbyist was in the meeting.

House Speaker Brian Bosma has requested a meeting with Bauer, and Bauer says he plans to meet with the speaker sometime Wednesday afternoon.

Bosma maintains there is no way right to work will be taken off the legislative agenda. Democrats say they will stay in Indianapolis and have no plans to leave the state.

Indiana Public Media's Gretchen Frazee contributed to this report.