House Republicans Unveil Proposed Budget

Feb 18, 2019

Indiana House Republicans want to increase education funding by about 2 percent each year in the new state budget – little more than inflation.

The House GOP caucus unveiled its budget proposal Tuesday.

Statehouse leaders of both parties say increasing teacher pay is a top priority. The House Republican budget gives schools an additional $461 million over the next two years, a little more than the current inflation rate in increases per year.

The caucus budget also includes Gov. Eric Holcomb’s proposal to spend state reserve dollars to fully fund a teacher pension fund, which will free up some money for schools to spend – potentially on teachers.

The House GOP broke with Holcomb over existing teacher appreciation grants, money that goes to high-performing educators. The governor proposed eliminating that program; House Republicans’ draft keep it in place.

The budget proposal also gives the Department of Child Services all the money it’s asked for – $286 million more per year than the agency got in the last budget.