Hunger Hike 2012 kicks off

Apr 25, 2012

An annual event to raise money for those who are food insecure is underway in Lafayette.

Hunger Hike 2012 kicked off Wednesday.

The event is put on by Food Finders Food Bank, Lafayette Urban Ministry, and Saint Thomas Aquinas Haiti Ministry.

Purdue women’s basketball coach Sharon Versyp is the honorary chair.

She says her team is going to use their voice to push the message of feeding those in need.

LUM Executive Director Joe Micon says raising money is increasingly important with the rising price of food and families struggling to keep up with the cost.

The Hunger Hike is September 16th.

Event organizers hope to raise $95,000.  Last year, the effort brought in about $92,000

The money will go to the three organizations to provide food and food services.

Food Finders Executive Director Katy Bunder says the funding that comes from Hunger Hike is only part of its benefit.  She says awareness about those suffering from hunger is equally important.