"This I Believe": Divided We Stand

Mar 7, 2019

Author: Aaron Sandel (Benton Central HS)
Credit Rachel Lattimore

We, as the human race, have proclaimed this present era the most peaceful time of

human history. We rejoice in our technology we do not understand, and relish our ability to communicate with those far away. But in this time of worldwide connection and instant communication exists a chasm of hatefulness and animosity. The unfortunate truth, sulking behind the screaming and fighting, suggests that while humans may be our greatest enemy, they are also our greatest asset. Divided we stand; not united.

Each and every soul walking the Earth believes some idea to be true. The experiences

acquired, or the benefits, or the wisdom passed on, has shaped countless minds. But looming in the wake of our beliefs emerge the storm clouds―raining down hate, judgment, and ruin on those with a contrasting opinion. To set our sights on world peace means to stop fighting our neighbors, our friends, and ourselves.

This, I believe―change is required. We have fought so hard; have overcome far too

many obstacles to take steps in the opposite direction. How can a society advance when the idea for advancement will never reach fruition? The voices announcing change are far to often stifled before others will even hear the words spoken. This absolute polarity has brought too many strangers, colleagues, and families to the brink of destruction. An attempt toward any forward progression means to start listening, rather than turning the other cheek.

Understanding is the first step. Taking the time to find the full scope of any situation, and not just attack those with a different agenda, is vital. Alone we are weak, but together, we are a force to be reckoned with. One voice―a voice together―speaking for the betterment of this place we all call home.  This I believe.