"This I Believe": The Golden Rule

Mar 7, 2019

Author Sierra Schwartz (Benton Central HS)
Credit Rachel Lattimore

Treat others as you would like to be treated. This, I believe. In a world full of negative

news and constant reminders that bad situations happen to those around us on a regular basis, a simple reminder that we should treat others as we would like to be treated could change the world we live in for the better. So many times we take for granted that being kind and showing compassion for others will be done by someone else. Unfortunately, this is all too often not the case. Many times we see our neighbors, friends, and family in need. We think to ourselves, “Someone will help, but that does not need to be me.” Whether doing something small like assisting an elderly neighbor needing to shovel a snowy driveway, or something large like a loss of a loved one, reaching out and offering support—whether emotional or physical help—can make for a better place for us to live.

I think about how I would like to be treated. I think about how I would feel to have

someone help me during difficult times―to have that necessary support without needing to ask. How good that would make me feel to have someone make my day better. That I meant enough to them and mattered enough for them to stop what they were doing and help. Offer a smile to a stranger. Open a door for another. Pick up a fallen object for that elderly citizen that you notice having difficulty bending over. Strive to make a difference―no matter how small. Living by the Golden Rule will lead to a better world—one small, sincere gesture after another. This compassion will build the foundation for a better place. This, I believe!