Indiana Attorney General Hill To Investigate Equifax Data Breach

Sep 22, 2017

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill announced Friday he will launch an investigation into the recent data breach at credit reporting agency Equifax.

The personal information of nearly 4 million Hoosiers was potentially exposed by the Equifax breach.

Hill sent a letter to attorneys for the agency to emphasize the importance that Equifax cooperate fully with all federal and state efforts to find those behind the breach. The Hoosier Attorney General also sharply criticized the company’s response as “inadequate and mismanaged.” And Hill suggested Equifax’s reaction was designed to take advantage of consumer fears in the wake of the breach.

Hill has encouraged Hoosiers to freeze their credit and warned Equifax in his letter to the company not to charge Hoosiers who request a credit freeze – which would violate Indiana law.

You can read Hill’s full letter to Equifax attorneys: