Indiana Farm Bureau President Set To Retire To Greener Pastures

Jun 23, 2015

Don Villwock will retire in December at the age of 65.
Credit Indiana Farm Bureau

After 14 years of service, Don Villwock will retire from his position as president of the Indiana Farm Bureau later this year.

"We have good potential successors that are going to run for my slot," Villwock says. "And we’ll have an election at our annual meeting on the seventeenth of November, so those folks will be out campaigning with our members."

Villwock says the Farm Bureau faces different issues now than it has before, and that makes this a good time to look for new ideas and leadership.

While the Farm Bureau will continue to advocate property tax reform and environmental regulation by the federal government, Villwock says the organization will also need to adapt to the growing prominence of both social media and the local food movement.