Indiana Government Census Committee Begins Work Ahead Of Next Year's Count

Aug 19, 2019

Indiana state officials are kickstarting efforts to support the U.S. Census Bureau ahead of next year’s population count.

Monday marked the first meeting of Indiana’s Complete Count Committee.

The census affects a lot in Indiana. Beyond helping decide how legislative districts are drawn, the population count influences urban planning, rural development and, says Census Bureau regional director Marilyn Sanders, federal funding.

“Over $675 billion are distributed based on census data every single year,” Sanders says.

Indiana state agencies will work with local governments, nonprofits and other groups, beginning this year, to emphasize the importance of participating in the census. Indiana Department of Administration official Jill Carnell spoke to personnel from across multiple agencies at Monday's meeting.

“We need to help amplify the message of the Census Bureau," Carnell says. "That’s the beginning, middle and end of our role in all of this.”

The census will take place throughout next year.

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