Indiana Manufacturers Association Discuss Upcoming Legislative Goals

Aug 23, 2018

Indiana Manufacturers Association visited Subaru in Lafayette Thursday, one of the several stops around the state meeting with manufacturers.

IMA President Brian Burton says attendees learned about where the Hoosier state stands in the manufacturing industry.

“Indiana is the most manufacturing intensive state in the country and we are very proud of that; it really drives Indiana’s economy,” he says.

The summit also had several speakers from the IMA discussing policy issues which they want addressed in the upcoming Indiana legislative session.

One issue: how Indiana could meet the growing needs to fill job vacancies throughout the state with limited skilled workers. With baby boomers on their way out of the workforce, more than 1 million Hoosier jobs will need to be replaced.

Burton says a relocation tax incentive would make Indiana stand out and help draw needed workers to the state.

“If you were recruited in a high wage, high demand job, and is need here in Indiana and is certified that you came from another state, then you would be exempt from the state income tax for a period of years,” he says.

Even with a limited-time income tax exemption, Burton believes the state’s fiscal impact would still be positive.

“They would hopefully be paying property taxes, sales tax, gas tax, and a whole host of others,” he says. “So that is positive for the State of Indiana.”

Other policy efforts mentioned during the summit included workforce development efforts and autonomous vehicle legislation.