Indiana National Guard Head Resigns Amid Scandal

Aug 12, 2019

Indiana National Guard leader Courtney Carr is retiring in the wake of a defamation lawsuit against him.

Gov. Eric Holcomb says he recommended Carr step down.

Shari McLaughlin, who worked for a government defense contractor, says she learned of an affair Indiana National Guard Adjutant General Courtney Carr was having with one of her coworkers.

She alleges she was harassed and intimidated at that job by others who were having affairs with members of the Indiana National Guard. McLaughlin then went to work for a different contractor and in the lawsuit, she says Carr threatened to sever that company’s contract with the state unless McLaughlin was fired.

Holcomb accepted Carr’s resignation Saturday. Timothy Winslow, a career Army National Guard aviator, will serve as the interim Adjutant General.