Indiana Receives Low Health Ranking For Third Year In A Row

Dec 14, 2015

Credit Steve Baker /

Indiana ranks 41st in the country for overall health, according to the latest America's Health Rankings report from the United Health Foundation.

And it's the third year in a row Indiana has landed in the exact same spot.

United Healthcare of Indiana Medical Director Julie Daftari says even though the state's ranking is unchanged from last year, Indiana still had several victories.

"Hoosiers are more active than they were last year, and we've also seen a reduction in diabetes," Daftari says. "These are big wins for the state."

The report also identifies strengths in the state's high school graduation rate and low incidences of salmonella.

But Indiana is still lagging in terms of public health care funding -- the state ranks 48th in that area -- and it has high rates of both smoking and air pollution.

Daftari says the state is also struggling to provide access to health care services.

Hawaii ranked first for the fourth consecutive year, and Louisiana last.