Indiana Rep. Brooks Visits Immigration Facilities At U.S.-Mexico Border

Jul 13, 2018

U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Carmel) says her recent visit to the southern border was “eye-opening” and “overwhelming.”

Brooks visited immigration facilities that housed thousands of immigrant children.

She says she doesn’t support any immigration policy that separates parents from their children. Still, Brooks says she was encouraged by what she saw at border facilities where thousands of children are held.

“The agencies that I saw and the facilities that I saw were actually doing a remarkable job caring for these children,” Brooks says.

Faith in Indiana’s Father Chris Wadelton says reuniting children with their families is important. But he says the focus can’t end there.

“The larger issue is still there. There seems to be a xenophobic atmosphere – and we’re afraid of foreigners,” Wadelton says.

Brooks says part of the U.S. immigration response must be a focus on the issues in Central American countries that drive so many people to seek refuge in this country.