Indiana Senators Weigh In On Gun Control Debate

Jun 16, 2016

Credit Shannon Orem /

Indiana’s Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly participated in a nearly 15-hour filibuster on gun control in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut started the filibuster, urging his colleagues to vote on gun control measures after 49 people died over the weekend in the country’s largest mass shooting.

Indiana’s Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly echoed some of Murphy’s sentiments, saying he’s a strong supporter of the second amendment but believes there are smart ways to reduce gun violence.

"If a person is on a terrorist watch list, they shouldn’t be able to buy a gun," says Donnelly. "It is that simple and that uncomplicated."

The filibuster ended just after 2.00 am Thursday morning … when Murphy said he had commitments from Republicans to hold a vote on the gun control measures.

The communications director for Indiana’s Republican Senator Dan says Coats is working with colleagues to craft legislation that would prevent known or suspected terrorists from purchasing guns … while preserving the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.