Indiana Sierra Club Won't Endorse In Governor Race

Oct 3, 2016

Republican Eric Holcomb (left) and Democrat John Gregg (right) are running for governor in the Nov. 8, 2016 general election.

A leading Indiana environmental organization won’t endorse in the gubernatorial race because it doesn’t have “enthusiastic support” for plans put forward by either Republican Eric Holcomb or Democrat John Gregg.

Steve Francis is the political chair of the Hoosier chapter of the Sierra Club. He says Indiana’s environmental issues – for instance, its reliance on coal and health issues created by poor air quality – have been ignored by the current administration.

Francis says the Sierra Club wants the next governor to set a better vision for the state.

“And one that takes us into the 21st century and creates jobs for the 21st century in clean energy, renewables, energy efficiency,” Francis says.

Francis says the Sierra Club’s endorsements are based on evaluating the candidates’ plans.

“And a sense that they have laid out that kind of vision I spoke about,” Francis says. “And we didn’t feel it rose to the level of enthusiastic support that we could give to either candidate in this race.”

Democrat John Gregg, a former coal lobbyist, talks about funding state parks, seeking federal dollars for environmental projects and expanding recycling in his plan.

Republican Eric Holcomb says he’ll pursue an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy and will continue to fight EPA regulations.