Indiana's Sixth Baby Box Installed In Hamilton County

Jan 2, 2019

Indiana’s sixth baby box was dedicated in Hamilton County.  The state's Safe Haven Law allows anyone to surrender a newborn at a hospital, police or fire department, without any questions. 

The baby boxes give people an additional option – to place a baby in a box that is accessible from the outside of a building.  An alarm system notifies staff inside. 

Monica Kelsey was abandoned as an infant. She says two babies have been placed in these boxes so far in Indiana. 

"Right now we’re being proactive, and we don’t want to be reactive.  We don’t want to find a baby and then have to go into that area," says Kelsey. "We want to be in that area educating youth, educating every woman that might possibly find themselves in this situation."

The organization also staffs a 24 hour hotline to counsel women in crisis pregnancy. 

Nonprofit Safe Haven Baby Box opened the new box at a Carmel fire station that is close to two highways.   

Linda Znachko, founder of He Knows Your Name Ministry, spoke at the dedication ceremony.   A baby who was abandoned by her mother in a park four years ago, inspired  Znachko to support the Safe Haven boxes.

"Here fear drove her away that night, because I don’t think she thought she had any other option, every mother in crisis needs options." says Znachko. 

The group opened Ohio's first baby box last month.