Indiana's Unemployment Rate, Job Pool Shrank In March

Apr 21, 2015

A couple industry sectors saw huge losses last month.
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Indiana’s unemployment rate fell in March to its lowest level in five months.  But the state’s private sector also lost jobs.

The Hoosier unemployment rate fell one-tenth of a percent to 5.8-percent in March, the second month in a row the rate went down.  But it's still three-tenths of a percent higher than the national average of 5.5-percent.

But that drop may not be good news: the state’s private sector lost 800 jobs last month, fueled by huge losses – more than 5,000 – in the professional and business services sector. 

And so despite that decrease, the unemployment rate still went down because of a drop in what’s called the labor force participation rate, meaning fewer Hoosiers report looking for a job.  Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Steve Braun says Indiana economic indicators remain largely positive and notes the state’s labor force participation has been above the national average for a year.