Infosys Taps Purdue As Training Partner For Major U.S. Expansion

Aug 17, 2017

Purdue University will help train thousands of new Infosys employees in Indiana and nationwide.

The five-year agreement comes as the technology and consulting company readies a new hub in Indianapolis.

For years, Infosys hired mainly visa workers from overseas. The company said in May it’s shifting course, hiring 10,000 American employees – including 2,000 in Indiana.

They’ll all work at what Infosys president Ravi Kumar calls innovation centers, announced so far in Indianapolis and Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Most of our clients today are very excited about talent which we are going to create locally, and establish them into these centers,” Kumar says.

The company’s new partnership with Purdue will let it tailor training programs to the clients and projects employees will need to understand – areas Kumar says Purdue is known for, such as engineering, robotics, agriculture and cybersecurity.

Purdue and Infosys will also partner on research projects, and use Purdue’s start-up incubator to turn employees’ ideas into marketable reality more quickly.