Jet's Animals Services Proposes Clinton County Animal Control Takeover

Feb 4, 2019

Jet's Animal Services proposal includes 24 hours of animal control, 7 days a week.
Credit Jet's Animal Services website

Officials with a non-profit animal control operation made their case to county commissioners Monday morning for taking over from the Clinton County Humane Society.

Jet’s Animal Services, run by former CCHS director Jim Tate, has already begun running a trap, neuter, release program for the City of Frankfort. Jet’s board member Kim Harris told commissioners the group would save the Humane Society what she called the “headache” of simultaneously managing the shelter and animal control.

“We got here because the county needs change," Harris says. "We got here because the city needs change. And the people are telling you they want change. It’s time to give somebody else a chance.”    

The proposal’s yearly price tag comes in at just under $89,000—cheaper than the $95,000 the Humane Society has received from the county, though the commissioners have placed the Humane Society on month-to-month payments for the time being, rather than paying half-a-year at a time. Harris says Jet’s Animal Service is just asking for the chance to prove they’re capable of handling animal control.

“It’s a win-win," Harris says. "You give us two or three months, we don’t do any good, you call us. No harm, no foul.”       

Commissioners president Josh Uitts asked if Jet’s and the Humane Society could manage a working relationship, given their recent history. Harris said she didn’t foresee any issues, and that everyone needed to be, in her words, a “grown-up.”

The commissioners didn’t set a specific timeline for their final decision, and declined to comment after the meeting.