Julie Roush Wins Race for Tippecanoe County Clerk

Nov 7, 2018

Roush waits for results Tuesday evening at the Tippecanoe County Building.
Credit Miyu Sumimoto / WBAA

Republican Julie Roush won the race for Tippecanoe County Clerk Tuesday night, defeating Democrat Vicky Woeste by nearly 5,000 votes.

Both candidates had pledged to replace the county’s aging voting machines, which proved problematic both during early voting and again on Election Day, as they recorded some votes improperly. Roush says she’ll seek approval from the county council to pay for replacements.

Roush says she will push to replace the machines, "but I have to get the county, the entire county has to be involved in that,” she says.

The race marks the second straight election defeat for Woeste. She previously lost in the race for State House District 26 in 2014.