Lawmakers Considering Speed Cameras For Highway Work Zones

Oct 3, 2019

State lawmakers are exploring the use of cameras to catch speeding motorists in highway construction zones.

Efforts in recent years to legalize their use haven’t gotten far in the General Assembly. That’s as Indiana highway work zone crashes doubled in the last six years, heading into 2019.

Daniel Brown leads Indiana Constructors Inc., a trade association for road construction companies. He says speed cameras have reduced speeding and crashes in other states.

“If you have barrier wall on one side and limited shoulder on the other, it’s just not practical and it’s not safe for police officers to be out there writing speeding tickets,” Brown says.

ICI’s Richard Hedgecock points to Pennsylvania’s recent speed camera law, which imposed many limits on their use.

“Photos are taken only of the backs of the vehicles – so, no picture of the face of the driver – and only when that vehicle’s speed exceeds 11 miles an hour over the posted speed limit,” Hedgecock says.

A study committee will consider recommending speed camera legislation later this month.

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