Lawson Announces 2018 Re-election Bid

May 4, 2017

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson will seek a second full term next year in the statewide office she’s held since 2012.

In a video statement, Lawson, a Republican, announced her decision to run for re-election in 2018 by talking about the work her office has done, particularly in what she calls “election integrity.”

“We need strong GOP leadership in states like Indiana so states can maintain local control of local election administration. I’m seeking re-election to continue the work we have started,” Lawson says.

Democrats in 2016 criticized Lawson’s handling of a voter fraud investigation, accusing her of using unfounded, inflammatory rhetoric.

Lawson won her 2014 election with 57 percent of the vote. State Democratic Party Chair John Zody says creating a competitive race next year will depend somewhat on the political landscape.

“We’ve got to do the work that helps those conditions. People are organizing all over the state. I feel good about the energy that’s out there,” Zody says.

Indiana Republican Party Chair Kyle Hupfer praises Lawson’s record, calling it “proven leadership delivering proven results.”