Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels: Debt And Gary Johnson

Sep 22, 2016

Purdue's president isn't endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson, but their views on reducing the national debt align very closely.
Credit Jae Lee / WBAA News

While he’s not endorsing anyone in this year’s elections, Purdue President Mitch Daniels came very close to aligning himself with Libertarian Gary Johnson at an event on campus earlier this month.

Johnson, like Daniels, wants to reduce the national debt – the very subject Daniels was summoned to chat with Congress about a couple weeks ago – a conversation he says was meant as a rebuke of the House and Senate, both of which are led by fellow Republicans.

On this month’s conversation with Mitch Daniels, we ask him what he meant and ask him to hear some comments made in the Wall Street Journal questioning his ideas.

Also on this month’s program, Purdue is looking into whether grade inflation is a problem on the West Lafayette campus, as it is on many others around the country.

The average GPA has gone up over the last 30 years, so how does Purdue balance a reputation for rigor with being a school that attracts millennial collegians who may not be as concerned with that as their parents are?