Myers Is First Democrat To Officially Announce Bid For Governor

Jul 10, 2019

Indiana Democrats have their first official candidate for governor in the 2020 cycle.

Former State Health Commissioner and health care executive Woody Myers announced his bid Wednesday.

Myers, a physician, has only run for public office once before – for Congress, in 2008 – and never a statewide campaign. But he says he’s not worried whether he has the experience necessary for a gubernatorial bid.

“I’ve been a businessman; I’ve been involved in politics. I am a physician; I’ve been in state government, in the public sector," Myers says. "I’ve been in the private sector; I’ve been in the not-for-profit sector.”

Still, Myers also hints that not spending a career in politics could be an asset.

“I’m running for governor because Indiana has too many pre-existing conditions that typical politicians just can’t treat,” Myers says.

Among the issues Myers cites: inadequate teacher pay and education funding, poor maternal and infant mortality rates, and rising health care costs.

Gov. Eric Holcomb (R-Ind.) is expected to officially launch his re-election bid Saturday.