New Compound Could Lead To New Non-Opioid Pain Medication

Oct 9, 2018

The discovery of a new drug compound could lead to non-opioid pain medication. 

Purdue University researchers have been focused on the identification of this compound for years.  Associate Dean Val Watts says the discovery was made using animal models and inhibits a certain enzyme.

"Adenylyl cyclase 1, AC1, that these animals did not experience various forms of chronic and inflammatory pain," says Watts. 

AC1 work to organize biological messages that are involved in the communication of pain. Watts says this is only the first step towards the creation of a medicine that could be used for humans. 

"We’re really at the beginning stages, we’re just in a mouse model and to go from a mouse model to translate to a human, we’re a long ways off," says Watts. 

Funding and pharmaceutical partners would need to be involved for further development. Federal legislation passed this month aims to boost research for non-opioid treatment alternatives.