New Program Provides Opioid Education For Doctors

Apr 3, 2018

The Indiana State Medical Association and the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation announced the first statewide program to teach physicians best practices for prescribing opioids.  

State law now requires prescribers to receive opioid prescription training every two years.  The Indiana State Medical Association will develop an app to help them do this.

Association president, Dr. John McGoff, says it will allow physicians to access it from anywhere.

"So it will be app based as well as podcasts to allow physicians to learn the best practices for opioid prescribing," says McGoff. 

The foundation is funding the development with a $230,000 grant. President and CEO Claire Fiddian-Green says the project is in line with their prevention efforts.

"Also to help patients connect with non-opioid pain management techniques," says Fiddian-Green. 

Fiddian-Green says the app will also break down barriers to training access for providers.

"Helpful information that’s relevant to them that’s delivered in a way that’s on demand and when they actually have time to receive that information," says Fiddian-Green. 

These training methods have been shown to curb prescription drug misuse.