Over 80 Purdue Students Risk Suspension After Not Appearing For COVID-19 Testing

Sep 13, 2021

Over 80 Purdue University students could face suspension after not showing up for regular COVID-19 testing.

The school announced Friday that as of the first week of classes, 700 students had not complied with the university testing requirements. By week three, that number is down to just over 80 students, who have twice not shown up for routine testing. 

A third absence will result in suspension. 

Before the start of the semester, Purdue announced that it would require faculty, staff, and students to either submit proof of vaccination or submit to regular COVID testing. 

Currently, there are over 200 Purdue employees who have failed to submit to required testing and have received a written warning. 

Staff out of compliance with the testing requirements are “subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination,” according to the university release.