Pence Endorses Newly-Minted Lieutenant Governor Holcomb For GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

Jul 22, 2016

Credit Brandon Smith / IPBS

Governor Mike Pence has endorsed Lietutenant Governor Eric Holcomb as his preferred candidate to replace him on the GOP’s gubernatorial ballot.

Holcomb is one of four candidates vying to replace Pence on the ballot, along with U.S. Representatives Susan Brooks and Todd Rokita and State Senator Jim Tomes.

Just days away from a vote on his replacement, Pence indicated a preference for Holcomb. In a statement, Pence says he made his choice when he picked Holcomb to take over as lieutenant governor earlier this year.

The governor calls his former running mate one of the best-prepared people in recent memory to take on the job of governor. In thanking Pence for the endorsement, Holcomb says, as governor, he’d strive to continue the successes of Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence. The Indiana Republican Party state committee will vote Tuesday on Pence’s replacement.