Pence Says 2015 Record-Breaking For Company Commitments

Dec 21, 2015

Credit courtesy GE

Governor Mike Pence announced Thursday that 2015 is a record-breaking year for economic development. 

Pence says 323 companies, up from 285 in 2014, pledged to create new jobs over the next few years.

“Those 323 companies are committing to create 26,555 new Hoosier jobs" he says, "and it represents more than 4.79 billion dollars of investment in the state of Indiana.”

That’s the highest number of companies committed to expansion in the state since the creation of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation in 2005.

In a statement, House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath criticized the governor’s announcement, saying that Pence is bragging about jobs and investment that aren’t guaranteed to happen.

Some of those commitments, like the more than one hundred jobs in Indianapolis planned by technology company STLogics, might not be created until 2024.