Pence Signs Bill Locking HIP 2.0 Into State Statute

Mar 21, 2016

Credit State of Indiana /

Governor Mike Pence Monday signed into law a bill codifying the HIP 2.0 Medicaid expansion, meaning any changes to the health care plan in the future will need to go through the state legislature.

HIP 2.0 requires cost-sharing from virtually every enrollee, even if it’s only a $1-per-month contribution. Pence in a statement praised the plan for what he calls its dedication to consumerism and personal responsibility.

Critics have argued at one year old, locking HIP 2.0 into state statute is premature. The Pence administration argues it’s important for the state to show its commitment to the plan before it comes up for renewal before the federal government next year.

More than 370 thousand low-income Hoosiers are enrolled in the program.