Pence Wants Lawmakers To Empty Remaining Half Of Major Moves 2020 Fund

Jan 6, 2015

The governor asked for the first half of the money to add lanes to the state's major interstate highways.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Governor Mike Pence says he wants the State Budget Committee to release the second half of the Major Moves 2020 fund. 

Two years ago, lawmakers put $400 million into what they called the Major Moves 2020 fund.  It was meant for long-term, future projects. 

Pence last year secured the release of half of the fund to add lanes to major interstates.  The governor Tuesday announced he will ask the State Budget Committee to approve the transfer of the remaining $200 million.  He says it will be used for capacity building.

“You know, I always say to people, ‘If you’re going to be the crossroads of America, you better have the roads to back it up,’" Pence says.  "And the Major Moves 2020 fund was established to strengthen the capacity, particularly adding additional lanes.”

State Budget Committee Chair Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville) says Pence’s plan is in line with what he wanted the money to be used for.

“So that we could, for example, have six lanes on I-70 and I-65," Kenley says. "So I think he’s making a good investment and I’m okay with it.”

The State Budget Committee meets Thursday.