Penguins In Lafayette: Columbian Park Zoo Expansion In The Works

Oct 27, 2017

Humboldt penguins are popular for zoo exhibits.
Credit Steve Cook /

Lafayette officials are hoping to bring more exotic animals to the Columbian Park Zoo menagerie – including large cats and…

“We’re working right now on building a penguin exhibit,” says Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski, speaking on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor Program. “Because that’s something people want.”

Roswarski says the building costs for a penguin exhibit total about $1.6 million.

To get the live penguins, zoos usually trade animals, or lend them out to other zoos to conserve the population.

The Columbian Park Zoo hosts animals such as monkeys, wallabies, otters and emus. It’s closed for the season, but is set to be open for the annual ‘Boo at the Zoo’ event in advance of Halloween.