Planned Parenthood, ACLU Sue State Over New Abortion Ban

Apr 7, 2016

Credit ACLU of Indiana /

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana’s legal director says the state’s new anti-abortion law “grossly interferes” with a woman’s constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy.  The ACLU filed a lawsuit Thursday on behalf of Planned Parenthood seeking to strike down the controversial measure.

The law bans abortions performed solely because of a fetus’ characteristics – such as sex, race or potential disability.  ACLU of Indiana legal director Ken Falk says the U.S. Supreme Court has been very clear in this area – states cannot impose an undue burden on a woman’s right to an abortion.

“This is not an undue burden – this is an absolute prohibition,” Falk says. “You just can’t do that.”

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky CEO Betty Cockrum calls the law “abysmal,” “intrusive” and “dangerous.”

“Here in Indiana we have a governor who finds his own personal views on these things and his own personal ideology more important than good public health policy and constitutional behavior,” she says.

In a statement, Indiana Right to Life says Planned Parenthood opposes any law that protects women and children because they want to protect their bottom line.  Gov. Mike Pence’s office says he’s confident the law is constitutional.