Proposed State Budget Increases Funding For Schools

Apr 29, 2015

Credit Leslie Richards /

The so called “education session” of the General Assembly will end Wednesday and lawmakers are expected to give more money to schools through the updated school funding formula. 

Funding for schools increases 2.3 percent under the proposed 2016-2017 budget, the biggest jump in the state’s history.

That includes across the board increases for all schools, as well as an adjustment to how money is allocated to schools with low income and struggling students. The complexity money as it’s called, will be given to school districts with students in foster care or who qualify for food stamps or other welfare programs. Previously it was based on students who qualified for free and reduced lunch.

The budget also doubles the amount of money given to English Language Learners, up to $11 million.

Teachers will be eligible for a $100 tax credit to reimburse them for school supplies bought with personal money.

Lawmakers must approve a budget before midnight.