Psychotropic Drug Bill Aims To Prevent Overprescription For Foster Youth

Feb 11, 2019

A bill to better regulate psychotropic medicine for youth in Indiana’s foster system passed out committee today.  The proposal aims to prevent overprescribing medication to young people for depression, anxiety or ADHD.  

Indiana University Health psychiatrist Dr. Leslie Hulvershorn says Indiana’s current policy obtains psychiatric consultation after a child may already have numerous prescriptions.  She testified in support of the bill that would loop in professional consult before prescription consent. 

"Ideally electronically, so it’s very efficient upfront to say ‘hey DCS we recommend you say no on this particular medicine,’ or ‘yeah, this makes a lot of sense based on this kids diagnosis,’" says Hulvershorn.

Hulvershorn says other states have effectively adopted this policy.

Children in foster care are prescribed psychotropic drugs at higher rates than other children.