Purdue Community Voter Registration Day

Sep 24, 2012

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day. The League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette and Purdue Student Government are using the occasion to register more people before the General Election.

Bobby Egan is the executive director of governmental relations for PSG. He says he wants to change the perception that few college-age students vote.

"We want to fight the student apathy that's on campus. Last year, we had pretty pathetic turnout for the local election, when you consider we have 30-40,000 students on campus, in the local area."

The West Lafayette City Council District 1 race between Eddie VanBogaert and Josh Teasdale was decided with just 60 votes cast for the two candidates combined. That represents 3% voter turnout for the district near campus.

Egan says students need to know they don’t have to change their permanent address to vote in Tippecanoe County.

"If you're coming from out of state, you can still register with us. The only requirement is that you live at your current address at least 30 days before the election. That applies to most students who have lived here since mid-August or so."

He says the registration drive is for new professors and staff, as well as community members, who want to vote.

The event is at Purdue’s Stewart Center Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m until 3 p.m.