Recent Report Shows Technical Certifications Lead To Job Opportunities

May 17, 2019

Two Indianapolis-based foundations teamed up to study the value of certificates and other non-degree certifications.

A report published in partnership with Strada Education Network and The Lumina Foundation found that those with non-college degree certification found full-time employment more often than those without any credentials. It also showed that credentialed workers without college degrees typically earn $15,000 more per year.

Carol D’Amico is the executive vice president of Strada Education Network. She says the findings demonstrate the importance of stressing technical certifications to the future workforce, not just formal education.

“And so I’m hoping that policy makers pay attention to this report and they consider that there are multiple pathways and not necessarily that involve a college degree,” D'Amico says.

Strada and Lumina also plan to study employment issues among veterans in the near future.