Reduction In Funding Means Uncertain Future For Struggling Charter Schools

Mar 16, 2016

Credit NYC Department of Education /

A charter school company contacted by the state to turnaround three former Indianapolis schools told the State Board of Education today that a reduction in funding could soon impact students’ academic progress.

In 2014, the Florida-based Charter Schools USA protested the state's decision to reduce its funding for the three struggling schools. Since then, the amount of school improvement grants has continued to shrink.

Jon Hage says the state board needs to realize that without an increase in funding to help cover building costs and other expenses, student achievement will falter.

“Our goal is to make sure the school is properly resourced to continue the education that we are putting in place,” Hage says. “We are not trying to play any kind of game other than to give them the reality of where we are financially. And then, I think, those in charge have to decide, is it worth the funding to get the results they want for students?”

Charter Schools USA is in its fourth year of running Howe and Manual High Schools and Emma Donnan Middle School. Next month, public hearings will be held about the future of each school.