Report: Indiana Could Take Better Cancer Action

Aug 10, 2018

The American Cancer Society’s study finds Indiana could do more to reduce preventable cancer deaths.  This is the 16th year for the annual “How Do You Measure Up?” analysis.

It ranks states on nine measurements, and ACS Cancer Action Network Government Relations Director Bryan Hannon says Indiana ranks lowest on those related to tobacco.

"This is an area we’ve got a lot of work to do and where policy makers and state policy can really make a big difference," says Hannon. 

Hannon says the state should invest more to help Hoosiers quit or never start smoking.

"We’re well below what the CDC recommends, we’re well below what other states spend per capita for tobacco prevention so we’ve got to catch up," says Hannon. 

Indiana is one of 14 states with a tax below $1.

Hannon says health groups like his will advocate for a tax increase this state budget year. He says that move would help people quit.

Other areas measured in the report include screening programs, smoke free laws and Medicaid coverage.