Report: In Indiana, Funding Shortage Leaves Schools Without Much-Needed Counselors

Jun 23, 2016

Credit David Shank / Shank Public Relations Counselors

A new report from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce shows school superintendents and principals have favorable views of school counselors.

But those same officials say they can’t always hire counselors when students need them.

School counselors help students improve their academics, address emotional needs and prepare for college and careers … but they aren’t always there.

“In Indiana we have a funding shortage for the number of school counselors that are truly needed at the schools,” says Jen Money-Brady, Indiana School Counselor Association president-elect. “We have enough counselors to fill those roles, it’s just finding the funding to be able to have the position available.”

Indiana has a higher student-to-school counselor ratio than most of the nation. There are currently 639 students for every counselor.

Brandie Oliver with Butler University’s School of Education helped author the Chamber of Commerce report. She agrees funding is a challenge. But says so is the career part of student “college and career readiness.”

“There’s still a gap in knowledge and skills for students that are not going to pursue a traditional four-year college,” Oliver says.

The report says school counselors positively impact a school’s climate and student emotional needs.