Republicans Face Choice As Curtis Hill Allegations Remain Unresolved

Jul 30, 2018

The next big step in the sexual misconduct allegations against Attorney General Curtis Hill likely won’t come until after the Inspector General completes her investigation.

After Republican legislative leaders and the governor called for Hill to resign, the Attorney General and his team denied the allegations, questioned his accusers’ credibility, threatened defamation lawsuits, and started a legal defense fund.

University of Indianapolis political scientist Laura Wilson says as the process drags on, Republicans up and down the ballot will face questions about Hill.

“A number of people may say, ‘Hey do you tolerate this behavior or do you truly believe in his innocence?’ They’re going to question what your motivation is,” Wilsons says.

The legislature could convene a special session to remove Hill from office and resolve the issue quickly. But Wilson notes special sessions are costly.

This isn’t dealing with the actual laws. This isn’t dealing with the things, I think, Hoosiers really care about in terms of their elected leaders,” Wilson says.

The Inspector General has given no timetable for her investigation.